How You Got Here


We are thrilled that everyone who wears Sporty Pearls accessories knows they are getting a unique piece of jewelry that can take them from a trip to the Super Bowl to a night on the town.

Before I created Sporty Pearls, my game day accessories mostly consisted of the cheap plastic beads thrown out to the crowds during games.

One day when throwing on a casual, sporty outfit, I saw how well my team colored accessories would have coordinated; if only they hadn’t been made of molded-plastic! I was going for a casual ensemble but not one that looked like my jewelry came from a vending machine! There had to be a better option.

I did a little quick research (thanks Google!) and to my surprise didn’t find much. Some options incorporated silver, gold and diamonds but lost a lot of the team colors I wanted to prominently display. After all that was the whole point. How could I have a similar classic aesthetic but keep the colors?

I decided to create the most exclusive jewelry for the most dedicated sports fans in the world.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

Traditional pearl shapes and colors were easy to find. The more color specific materials I needed presented a much larger challenge. The pearl colors I ordered from vendors often times did not match what showed up in my order. Many were of poor quality that would not do for the products I wanted to offer my customers. How could you show off your favorite team colors if they didn’t even match?!

After months of pearl orders from around the world, I finally found the quality and colors that my customers deserved. Some pearls come from half way around the world and took weeks to arrive, but they were finally right!

I feared that when offering more sophisticated team jewelry, no one would be interested in an upgrade. Pearls have long been known as a classic jewelry staple, but would that translate into game day jewelry? Would people be willing to make that step up from the plastic beads?

The answer has been a resounding “Yes!” and we couldn’t be happier. From sports fanatics to holiday gifts, our customers have loved the idea of a more cultured (no pun intended) approach to jewelry that’s perfect for game day and beyond while still fitting the budget.